Factory layout,Piping & Routing

3D Factory Layout ,Piping & Routing Maps

  • We offer engineering solutions by converting complex plant layouts and piping into 3D.
  • This Involves mapping of plant facility right from equipment placement and source to destination process pipe mapping.
  • Plays vital role during plant modification ,equipment replacement and even during pre construction phase.
  • Easy way for engineers to obtain BOQ and BOM of complex routed pipe systems. 
  • We also offer 2D services for factory layout ,structural drawings, modifications e.t.c 
  • Civil vendors and equipment installers quotation validation tool.
  • Ideal tool to test multiple placement options for equipment, piping systems, ducting etc.


Machine Design ,Product Protoyping

  • We undertake projects right from product concept design to manufacturing design.
  • Holistic design support for efficient planning, designing and prototyping for machine, equipment, spares and parts.
  • Fabrication of sheet metal products for clients and 3D designing to help understand surfaces, contours along with dimensions.
  • 2D drafting, 3D modelling & 3D printing.
  • Experience in ship building , sheet metal ,furniture ,plastic products and equipment fixtures segments.
  • We design jigs, moulds, fixtures and spares.
  • Our designs can be fed into CNC machines to guide manufacturing processes.


Ship Design

  • We have expertise in Ship design and 3D modeling which we do based on Hull line plan diagram.
  • Internal detailing of ships for aiding production, placement of ancillaries, seats, luggage compartments, living rooms, movement decks etc.
  • We have successfully offered ship design solutions to our clients.
  • We are specialist in building ship structures like hull body, cabinets etc. considering parameters like buoyancy and center of gravity.
  • Our designers have worked on vessels like Tarini & Turia that have gone on circumnavigation tours of the earth. 


Product / Component reverse engineering

  • We can reverse engineer an existing component, sub-assembly or product using 3D scanning and other dimensional mapping techniques.
  • We have expertise to understanding product/spare application, breaking it down to 3D/CAD model.
  • We can evaluate manufacturing methodologies and can undertake manufacturing with latest rapid prototyping techniques. like 3D printing or CNC machining.
  • This can also be used to design Jigs, Fixtures, Moulds , plastic parts and sheet metal panels.


Piping & Instrumentation diagrams


  • We have undertaken P&ID updation projects for various MNC's.
  • P&ID updation helps in representation of piping and related components of a physical process flow. 
  • It helps develop guidelines and standards for facility operation.
  • Design a conceptual layout of any plant or industry.
  • It serves as a plan of action to implement cost rationalisation & project feasibility measures.


Archaeological & Architectural Scanning

  • We can undertake 3D documentation of Archaeological Monument or structure, product & components using point cloud data scans.
  • This can be used to understand elevation models of terrains.
  • Can help recreate 3D models of cities and urban environments.
  • Have a documented 3D modelling of existing archaeological structures for future reconstruction in case of calamities. 
  • To get volumetric data of a structure.