Foot Sanitizer Dispenser

With ongoing health issues around the world with Covid-19  ,we need to maintain utmost hygiene by keeping our hands clean with sanitizer.But we always have to have physical contact with sanitizer dispenser which could be concern of spread of virus .We have designed contact less  Foot operated sanitizer Dispenser.


Foot Sanitizer Dispenser

  1. Suitable for bottles of Various Sizes.
  2. Height Adjustable 
  3. Can be placed on floor or mounted on walls
  4. No touch required to dispense sanitizer
  5. Simple foot operated


Price : INR 1500 /-*

Available in Goa*

Product delivery 1 week of order*

Logistics cost may be applicable*

Special Discount on Bulk orders of 10 or More*

Taxes applicable




Foot dispenser is adjustable with any sanitizer bottle. It comes with adjusting mechanism to fit any shape or size sanitizer bottle available.


Safe & Contact less

Foot operated sanitizer is operated with foot pedal so there is no physical contact with sanitizer bottle or handle.

It can be used in public places like shops,offices, homes etc to avoid physical touch.


Standing & Wall Mounted

We have given provision to make it to stand as well as to mount it to wall as per your available space.

Why we need contact less sanitizer dispenser ?

Its recommended by WHO to use sanitizer for hand hygiene where hand washing is not readily possible.It is recommend to use alcohol based sanitizer to clean hands from germs and viruses on hand , but there is also fact that sanitizer is effective only if its used correctly .

In places like shop ,offices,Industries,private clinics,hospitals etc. where more people commute there are chances that people do not uses sanitizer properly ,and contaminate the surface of bottle ,which increases the risk of spread.

Secondly , it tedious,contact risk & non economical to place a person spraying sanitizer on each person hands.To eliminate any of chances of risk in areas where there is large commute of people Foot Operated Dispenser serves as best & easy solution.

How to use Foot Sanitizer dispenser.

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